The Mediterranean answer to edamame, BRAMI Beans are soy-free, ready-to-snack, and come in exciting flavors.

BRAMI Beans - An Italian bar snack that is addicting & low calorie, but ready for nutritious anytime snacking


Finally there's a truly uncompromising answer to that 4PM hunger crisis. 

BRAMI Beans are the perfcet afternoon snack. End afternoon hunger.


Better than 'better-for-you'. 

BRAMI Beans are truly great-for-you snacks


An ancient supersnack reimagined.

BRAMI Snacking Lupini Beans are the ancient supersnack of Roman Warriors

The legend of BRAMI dates back to the Ancient Egyptians Pharaohs, who brought lupini seeds with them in their tombs to the afterlife.  But it was the Roman Empire that truly harnessed the power of lupini. Roman warriors relied on this protein-packed bean to fuel them on long journeys.  Now this ancient superbean is finally here to power the modern warrior.

Small batch. Slow food. Ready for snacking.

BRAMI Snacking Lupini Beans - lupini plant, slow food snack

Overlooked because of their long preparation time, lupini beans are the ultimate 'slow food' snack.  But the extra work is definitely worth the effort!  We meticulously prepare our BRAMI Beans for days before steeping them in small batches of natural spices, sea salt, and tangy citrus.  Finally, we vacuum pack them fresh out of the barrel, preserving their natural flavor and crunch without the use of artificial preservatives.

The better choice for your body and your planet.

BRAMI Snacking Lupini Beans are a great plant-based protein alternative to animal protein

Rich in plant-based protein, BRAMI Beans are a great alternative to resource-intensive animal protein snacks like jerky.  They’re inherently pest resistant, low maintenance, non-GMO, and able to withstand difficult conditions, making this warrior bean an eminently sustainable crop.  So do yourself and your planet a favor – trade in that jerky for some BRAMI Beans.