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Is your packaging recyclable if not you should work on it

Variety Lupini Beans
Jessica Itzkowitz
Snack Perfection

Here is all you need to know about Brami - I am Gwyneth Paltrow-level persnickety when it comes to feeding my toddler nutrient-dense whole foods, but these still ticked all the boxes for me. It's hard to find a healthy, real food with "non dumbed down" flavors (giving a side eye to you, "puffs") that is still portable/easy to serve, particularly in the savory/non-fruit arena, but Brami has pulled it off. Our whole family loves these. Cheering for them to come out with even more flavors! Lightning-fast shipping was not expected but still great. I'm cutting this review short just so I can order my next shipment ASAP. Cheers Brami.

Variety Lupini Beans
Vicky Eaglebear
Variety Lupini Beans

I really enjoy the lupini beans. They are flavorful, filling and less calories than most snacks.

Absolutely love lupini beans. I’ve incorporated Brami
Lupini beans into my diet instead of meat snacks and chips. Feel better, weight loss, great digestion.. can’t complain. Tastes terrific too!

Variety Lupini Beans
Kristen Schulrud

Great chewy texture and nicely filling. Love them to help curb afternoon hunger.

Chili & Lime
Maria Simpson
Great filling and guiltless snack

I saw someone eating these on a plane with such gusto and had to try them. This flavor is my absolute fave! This is my new snack and the best part is how healthy and filling they are. Thank you!

Garlic & Rosemary
Annie Myers
So Good

My Brami beans are a lifesaver. These are such a great snack. Great source of fiber and protein. I have added these to my weekly food source source.

Love these little beans!

I am a busy nurse who needs quick, high protein, low carb snacks. I am also a vegetarian. Brami makes easy little packs that I can throw in my bag and go! It’s hard not to eat them everyday. Love them 😍

Love it, will order more! (Hummus)

This is my second purchase of the hummus variety box and I gotta say it's definitely worth the cost-- they're shelf-stable so the urgency to consume isn't as intense as with refrigerated hummus. They're also DELICIOUS. I love them as a dip, for sandwiches, mixed into other dishes, etc. Versatile and tasty, full of protein and no carbs! What else could you want?!!?!

Balsamic & Oregano
Gina Di Giacomo
Love Brami’s Beans!

I grew up with Lupini beans that came in jars needing lots of soaking to release the salt. They were always a treat I loved and would share with friends around holidays. When I discovered Brami during the pandemic as my local carriers were no longer receiving shipments from abroad, I was thrilled. I love all the flavors and can share them with friends in new ways. They are great for friends who are vegans and meat eaters alike. Now I receive a shipment every month. What abundance! Thanks Brami for localizing and innovating lupine💛

Beans are the bomb!

These beans are a wonderful, addictive and super healthy snack! Great for adding fiber and flavor to your life!

Lupini Beans
Sherri Smothers
Healthy snack!

Great midafternoon snack, high protein, very tasty. Guilt free satisfaction!

Love these squeaky beans!

I first had lupini beans on the streets of Rome and fell in love. So happy to have these available. Much better for me to snack on these little beanies than other salty treats. My only complaint -- I wish they were organic!

Lupini Beans
Lawrence Shapiro
Delicious and healthy

I love the different varieties of beans. I either eat them plain or sprinkle them on my food or salad .

Variety Lupini Beans
Michelle Giovanni
My new favorite snack

I found these by accident and am not sure which is my favorite! I love them all. They have become my new go - to snack.

Variety Lupini Beans
Eric Hedstrand


Love lupini beans

I was raised eating lupini beans. My mom would make them a couple of times a year. My daughter gave me the Brami pack for my birthday and I loved them. I have reordered and will order again.


These are so tasty and I love the crunch they have! They're not soft and soggy.

Variety Lupini Beans
Jessica Bugni
So good!

The best snack EVER!!

I'm addicted!

I love Brami lupini beans so much! They help control my appetite. Garlic & Rosemary is my favorite flavor. I snack on them, and add them to salads and vegetables. I eat them every day, nd have lost weight with them. Yay!


Garlic & Rosemary 💯

Garlic & Rosemary
Joseph Reid

My wife will divorce me if I do not keep Garlic and Rosemary in the cupboard. The price becomes reasonable when you think that divorce lawyers get $300 per hour. Love this product.

Variety Lupini Beans
Kaitlin Rogstad
Love them!

Delicious and healthy, what more could you want!

Balsamic & Oregano
amy l stein

I was able to try the balsamic & oregano flavor recently & it was so good - totally explained why they were sold out until recently!

Our Family's Favorite Snack

We love to snack on Brami beans or eat them as a quick lunch on the go. Even our kindergartener loves them! The Garlic and Rosemary are definitely our favorites.