Mediterranean diet,
made easy


Simply pickled
Italian lupini beans.

Plant protein
and fiber.

80% fewer calories
than almonds.

0g net carbs.

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Buy the beans
variety pack:

2x Sea Salt & Vinegar
2x Garlic & Rosemary
2x Calabrian Pepper
2x Chili & Lime

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"The next health-conscious snack."

"A nutritional goldmine."

"Fun and delicious."

Try our fabulous
lupini dip. Like hummus, without the carbs.

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Made with extra
virgin olive oil.

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Variety pack:

1x Original Recipe

1x Garlic & Rosemary

1x Hot Calabrian Pepper

1x Mediterranean Olive

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Your daily plant protein,
none of the carbs.

Conquer afternoon

Break through
your brunch.

Elevate hors

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Power-up salads,
stir-fries, and more.

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